Let’s get started!

[Week01’s Note]
Okay, so this will be a blog for any further update of my independent study: self-studying SideFX Houdini.

Then I’d like to start off with an academic style by posting my project proposal.


SideFX Houdini is 3d animation software, which covers from modeling through out to the compositing process. However, in this study case, I will focus on a few parts of the program, including particles and compositing, because of its reputation as ‘breaking’ VFX specialist software. The goal of this study is to understand and be able to operate the software in order to enhance the filmic feel in the further work, including the thesis project.

Final Product:

I have a plan to do 1-2 finished shots containing walls, floor, or other objects, which are breaking down into pieces (particles flow). Originally, I aim to apply effects on both 3D layout and real-world footage, but a senior suggested that it would be a huge workload to finish in a trimester. Therefore, I will be focusing on enhancing 3D space only.


Studying Methods:

– Online Tutorials

– Self-training

– Senior Advise (p’Pound and p’Pop)

Main Online Source:

SideFX main website’s tutorial and master class videos


3D Buzz and other CG self-study websites

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