Some Test Clips with Maya Dynamics

The first attempt with Pin Constrain (Nail Point)

Rigid body is applied to the ball and bricks without applying gravity.

This time with gravity added to the bricks

You can see that not only bricks don’t fly off when they get hit, but they also fall apart as they are stacked improperly. Also, this adds weight to bricks, so they can stop the ball, which hit a relatively low area where is densely stacked by higher bricks.

As a result, I changed the point of the constrain to give the ball more destructive power.

It’s not that different, but there’s still a little bit more impact power than the previous one.

After some experiments with constraining an object and wait for the momentum to work out, I decide to “cheat” with my old friend, Mr. Keyframe.

The rigid body applied ball passing through the rigid body brick wall.

The ball’s still a bit too slow…

Shortening the keyframe’s gap

It helps!!

This time, I turned the visibility of the ball geometry off.

Now it looks kind of like an explosion breaking the wall, eh?

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