Some Process of 3D Camera Matching and nCloth

So, I’ve got a real footage of a red cloth on a green screen.

next up, I precisely match the camera view of the CG one with the one used in the footage.

Add a “polyPlane” on top of the model

Make sure that it has a reasonable amount of sub division.

Then try assign the plane to be an nCloth object.

Don’t forget to create nCache to record the nCloth calculation for the better performance of Maya.

with nCache attached to the object, you’d bear in mind that you may NOT make any changes on the nCloth object because it will lead to fetal error.

To get more sense of dimension from the CG work, adding AO (Acoustic Occlusion) is a wise choice.

“Sample” in AO setting defines the neatness of the shadow areas, but it requires more time tremendously.

Sometimes, the extra details does’nt worth the extended render time.

With some rendered passes.

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