After Effects CS5.5 Particles!?

Hello! This blog is still updating even my course is done (somehow).

Alright, I’m working on my own demo reel recently (for the sake of my internship experience).

Today I faced a problem about one of my favorite plugin in previous version of AfterEffects, CC Particle World. Due to the fact that I work on both mac and PC, I have a bit different version of software on both of them (this SURELY sucks). Most of the time, I work on mac CS5 platform, and I work on PC (CS5.5) only when my mac can’t handle some heavy files. I just found out that CS5.5 doesn’t include the Particle World! It’s Particle Playgound instead, which I spent hours figuring it out how to use it.

After watching online tutorials and some demo videos… I gave up… “OTL

Fortunately, I found a post in a forum suggesting to download from Cycore Effects site manually. I followed that direction… andddd it WORKS!!

So here is the LINK of the download page. Download the CycoreFX HD 1.7.1 (the one that match your OS).

Problem solved! now back to work 😀

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