Tokyo Trip 2012

This trip is totaally amusing. Spending time with friends walking around the city, Visiting some animation studio and museums. Getting lost on Tokyo train, and experiencing many more stuff are invaluable awesomeness! I got every missing parts of mycamera here in Tokyo. I walked through many stores to get them all. Shopkeepers are very kind, service-minded and patient.


And… Today is my trip’s last day in Japan. I’m heading to TGS 2012 now.


OCZ Vertex4 – My Macbook Pro 2009 Upgrade

Things that you may need include:
1. 2.0 Phillips Screw Driver
2. T6 (star-headed) Screw Driver
3. Harddisk Replacement

Here I’d like to add some more in-detailed information about this upgrade.
The Benchmark shows the major improvement in read and write per second.

These are my results from Blackmagic Disk Speed Test.

OCZ Vertex4 256GB (SATA-II Constraint @3Gigabit)Read 212.0MB/s Write 257.8MB/s

Western Digital Scorpio Blue 5400RPM Buffer 8MB 1TB (SATA-II Constraint @3Gigabit)
Read 106.3MB/s Write 106.2MB/s

Seagate Momentus 7200RPM Buffer 16MB 500GB (SATA-II Native @3Gigabit) via FireWire800
Read 65.0MB/s Write 71.4MB/s

I didn’t have the old screenshot for the stock drive (Seagate Momentus) while connected via SATA II inside my machine. If I remember correctly, it was something around Read 85MB/s and Write 95MB/s. Nonetheless, From the test results, I assume that connecting SATA III drives to a SATA II supported mother board gives a better result in performance. Due to the difference in disk spinning speed factor (5400 and 7200 rounds per minutes), this copy of 7200 RPM SATA II drive is still slower than a copy of 5400RPM SATA III drive running at SATA II limit.

Next time, I’ll upload a demonstration VDO about how to replace your Macbook Pro optical drive with the second harddisk, so… Stay tune!

Another Busy Week Arrives

It’s not 3D. It’s not compositing. It’s no classwork. This time, it’s my (serious) hobby, photography.

Currently, I’m processing raw photos from my freelance jobs on commencement days at SPU (Sripathum University) and a private group photo-shoot at TU (Thammasart University). 3 full days of outdoor portrait shooting really gave me a tanned look.

After I finish these tasks, I’ll make a review for some of equipments that I’ve used for quite a while now.
That will cover my wireless flash trigger (Pixel King for Nikon i-TTL), Nikon AF 55mm f/2.8 Micro, and LVSHI’s Vari-ND Filter.

Also, some of the photos will be uploaded to my facebook page (I know that they have one of the crapiest compressions, but it’s for more “reachability”.) So, please feel free to look them up here.