Another Busy Week Arrives

It’s not 3D. It’s not compositing. It’s no classwork. This time, it’s my (serious) hobby, photography.

Currently, I’m processing raw photos from my freelance jobs on commencement days at SPU (Sripathum University) and a private group photo-shoot at TU (Thammasart University). 3 full days of outdoor portrait shooting really gave me a tanned look.

After I finish these tasks, I’ll make a review for some of equipments that I’ve used for quite a while now.
That will cover my wireless flash trigger (Pixel King for Nikon i-TTL), Nikon AF 55mm f/2.8 Micro, and LVSHI’s Vari-ND Filter.

Also, some of the photos will be uploaded to my facebook page (I know that they have one of the crapiest compressions, but it’s for more “reachability”.) So, please feel free to look them up here.

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