Dual Harddisk on a Macbook? No Problem!

I’m sorry for the very very very lated upload.

So… there we have it!
In this video I show you guys how to add an extra harddisk into a macbook pro.

Once I lost a directory of my Lightroom library, which I’ve used for 2 years. It’s a loss of 250GB of photos.
Fortunately, I still had the back up file on another clone of that drive. Then I realized how risky it is to connect an external harddisk and work on the fly.
Then I feel that I don’t use the DVD that much, and I rely on external harddisks to store my projects and RAW files.

Tools that you may need include:
1. 2.0 Phillips Screw Driver
2. Relatively small Slot Screw Driver
3. Optical Drive Bay Converter
4. Slim DVD Enclosure or External DVD Drive

It’s been a while since I use this machine with dual drives.
By doing so, one can expand the storage on a laptop up to 2TB.
Mine is 1.2TB right now, and I’m totally satisfied. It works like a charm!

Speed, convenience, and reliability are increased.
Especially, the transfer rate from one to the other is just fantastic.
Even transferring via SATA-II constraint can move 20GB of footages in just a few minutes.

Here is the benchmark score from a previous entry about hard drives speed.

Western Digital Scorpio Blue 5400RPM Buffer 8MB 1TB (SATA-II Constraint @3Gigabit)
Read 106.3MB/s Write 106.2MB/s
*Connected via SATA port, which used to belong to the optical drive

In Summary:
this is an alternative for those who seeks for a solution for limited space on laptop without an external drive.
It’s much faster than USB2.0 and FireWire 800 connection on an external drive. This’s also a solution for laptops those are too old to support the USB3.

Transferring Speed
Data Safety

Battery consuming
No DVD ready

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