Preproduction Thingy Updates

Almost forgot about this. There are a few important changes in the story and stuff.

To wrap things up here… I’d like to put Tagline, Logline, Synopsis, and Treatment here.


An animated short created by Thanasak Patanasin.

“When ‘Sa’ is alone in the dark, an uninvited guest always crawls out of the darkness … and seek for her.”

This is a story of ‘Sa’, who is diagnosed having Achluophobia by a doctor, but Sa knows that what she sees isn’t just her imagination.

This is a story of ‘Sa’, a woman who is diagnosed having Achluophobia by a doctor, but Sa knows that what she sees isn’t just her imagination. She can see it. She can feel it. It is there in the dark. Others say it’s just an illness of hers and have no idea of what Sa really is resisting against. It always approaches her when she is alone in the dark. Her strong mind won’t last forever, yet it won’t stop at any cost until it achieves its ultimate goal: to be “together forever” with Sa.

Sa got nervous and panic after the power outage affected her well-lit bedroom. She struggled through out the night. On the day after, she went to see the doctor who is taking care of her Achluophobia. The doctor said that she did well so far as this exposure treatment has been proceed. And her final stage for the treatment had arrived – she needed to stay in the room alone for a while without loosing the control over her “fear”.Sa entered the room and sat down as usual. The doctor then turned off the light and shut the door to begin the exposure treatment. He was quite satisfied with the beginning of the process while Sa was calmly sitting alone inside. The fear greets Sa by grabbing her shoulder with one of his hands. Hundreds of hands filled the room’s wall and floor up. Sa is surrounded. She resisted and started to shout. The doctor saw nothing but Sa talking alone in the room. He tried to calm her down, but it was unsuccessful. Sa began to get physical with hands of the fear, but she stands no chance of winning. Those hands overwhelm her and pin her back on the chair. The fear’s head showed up and laughed at her. It said that today is what it has been waiting for a very long time. It smirked. Then come closer and closer. The doctor decided to abort this operation. Sa screamed. The doctor got off this observation desk and enters the room. Those corruption images in the room vaporized after them got touched by the light from the opening door. The doctor walked in and calmed Sa down and told her to redo this operation next time. Sa promised to get it done next time. The doctor offered his hand to pull Sa up, but she refused and asked him to go out of the room first. The doctor then left. Sa smirked just like the fear and said that there’s nothing to fear any more. She laughed in her throat.

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