Back to work!

Currently, I’m helping my classmates and friends out so much that I accidentally fell drastically behind my schedule. A lot of film shooting sessions and some TV episodes are done, but I must face my destiny now…. I, however, am an Animation Production major student. So…. let’s head back to the World of Maya !

Urgent Project with Friends!

Hello folks,

I’m currently working on a video project with some friends. By doing so, I need to¬†postpone¬† my own video editing on flash trigger review. I’m so sorry for those who are waiting for it.

Anyways, I’m pretty sure that I’ll be free and manage to get it done when I arrived in NYC next week.

Here’s what I’m doing right now…

Tokyo Trip 2012

This trip is totaally amusing. Spending time with friends walking around the city, Visiting some animation studio and museums. Getting lost on Tokyo train, and experiencing many more stuff are invaluable awesomeness! I got every missing parts of mycamera here in Tokyo. I walked through many stores to get them all. Shopkeepers are very kind, service-minded and patient.


And… Today is my trip’s last day in Japan. I’m heading to TGS 2012 now.