Next Video In Progress…

Lately, I didn’t have much time to finish this pile of footage just yet.

What’s it about?
Alright… when we talk about flash trigger, the very first brand that pops up in our head would be “pocket wizard”, right?
But in this video, I’ll talk about something cheaper… a lot cheaper. And yes…. it’s a review of my “made in Hong Kong”┬áiTLL wireless flash trigger “Pixel King”!

I got this from a local online camera accessory store in Bangkok.
It costs 4,950THB (about $162)

So far, it’s reliable and accurate.
I tested many things in the video except range-limitation and multiple-triggers-on-one receiver use.
And I think that I covered pretty much every basic things that on-budget-hobbyist photographers would like to know.

Stay tune!

Another Busy Week Arrives

It’s not 3D. It’s not compositing. It’s no classwork. This time, it’s my (serious) hobby, photography.

Currently, I’m processing raw photos from my freelance jobs on commencement days at SPU (Sripathum University) and a private group photo-shoot at TU (Thammasart University). 3 full days of outdoor portrait shooting really gave me a tanned look.

After I finish these tasks, I’ll make a review for some of equipments that I’ve used for quite a while now.
That will cover my wireless flash trigger (Pixel King for Nikon i-TTL), Nikon AF 55mm f/2.8 Micro, and LVSHI’s Vari-ND Filter.

Also, some of the photos will be uploaded to my facebook page (I know that they have one of the crapiest compressions, but it’s for more “reachability”.) So, please feel free to look them up here.

Some Final Thoughts

To sum it up:
After a trimester that I have been through, I learnt that simulating things in 3D is NOT easy at all. It requires a lot of efforts and understanding. Observing the real life will help a lot, but knowing how to achieve such an effect also matters. Creating convincing CGI isn’t the hardest part of the production process just yet. Blending them into the real world is even harder than make them believable because there will be REAL objects to compare with them side-by-side. Principle of animation is essential for the fine tuning stage due to the fact that it gives more ‘alive’ looking to the CGI.

In this trimester, I had a chance to go on a real shooting for compositing. I quite like it more than pure CG animation. I’d say it’s more “magical” when it comes to the final result. It’s a mixture of film and animation which I’ll be going forward to. Also, I’m applying for compositing jobs in my internship. I’ve learnt some basic skills from this study, which will help me with my thesis in post production.

Some more Independent Works!

[Week 07 – 08’s Note]
Actually…. they are NOT related to what I expect to do, but it’s rather be my “serious” hobby… taking photos.

I volunteered to do the shooting for profile pictures of the senior in my faculty. They will be used for a so call “yearbook” for the up coming event in late August, 2012.

And taking some photos purely for the sake of my own sanity (trying to balance out my mind and relax from the load of work at school)

*then I realized afterward that it also takes away my precious time to work, duh!

Also, I got hired for a day to take photos of one’s commencement day.